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Thread: quality of posts?

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    quality of posts?

    Is it me or have the posts seem to have been overtaken by some sort of spam/virus posting not much relavance to the life or the subject matter?

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    For the last 3 months, we have been the subject of a spammer storm, with over 100/hour new spam registrants. Most do not post of the forums, but we are also having a steep increase in regular everyday spammers. The moderators are struggling to control these problems and are spending many hours dealing with these spam "members" rather than doing more common moderation duties. Jim, Steven and Dr. Young are working on some solutions that will decrease these problems without making it too difficult for legitimate members to register. It is tricky.

    Please don't make the situation worse by responding to spam or troll posts. It only makes it more difficult to find and eliminate these posts for the moderators. Thanks.


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    Thank you for the update! I was starting to really.wonder what was going on....hope it is under control soon.....peace be with you!

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