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Thread: Robbie asked a girl to Homecoming!

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    Robbie asked a girl to Homecoming!

    Most of you know that Robbie has had a rough summer, wound on butt since June, infection in the bone, two hospitilizations, bone biopsy, pic line and now a wound vac. We are finally making progress, may be able to get off the vac soon.

    BUT so what, big deal! Here is a pic of him signing the receipt when his meds were delivered today, friends were here for a bit, he came back in the house and said "Mom, I asked Rachel to go to Homecoming with me and she said yes". Big smile on his face, you would never know he has been through hell!

    We wants to wear a purple dress shirt, khakis and aviator shades...Im good with that.

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    (((Robbie))) That's so cool and I am ecstatic for him! You must be so happy!
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    haha! Right on! Good for Robbie!

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    OMG! So happy! He will look and smell delish!

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    you know, I never really knew what he was made of until all of this happened. I raised this boy but still didnt know who he was.

    yes, i am happy, proud and grateful!

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    Lady, you also didn't know what YOU were made of-until this happened.

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    Quote Originally Posted by betheny View Post
    Lady, you also didn't know what YOU were made of-until this happened.'re right about that!!

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    Right on! This makes me smile!
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    What a great thing to read to end the night! Props to both of you!

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    This is all such marvelous news! I'm so glad the wound is finally starting to heal, and it's going to be a great homecoming. I have such respect for him, and for you.

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