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Thread: Hand Controls for VW Eurovan

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    Hand Controls for VW Eurovan

    Hello All,

    I recently picked up a nice original Eurovan that I want to have hand controls installed in it. I recall a few members here have one and I was wondering what make controls you're using? I have an extra set of Monarch 1A's but they seem like they're going to be a challenge to mount.


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    I don't remember the brand I had in mine, but it was the lever type (press forward to brake, down for gas) and it hit me in the leg, so I had to hang my leg off the seat to avoid this (bad for body!). I much prefer the throttle type of controls (throttle for gas, forward to brake).

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    Wells-Engberg CP-200

    I drive Volkswagen Eurovans. I am still driving my 1999 with 130,000 miles on it's still in great shape!

    I have Wells-Engberg CP-200 hand controls on it. Wells-Engberg hand controls are less maintenance than MPD mechanical hand controls. Wells-Engberg hand are controlled by a cable and very easy to use.

    Here is their web site:

    Attached picture is from their web site of CP-2000 from another vehicle.

    I removed their hard plastic grip and put on a Hunt-Wilde rubber grip. I had to put a small piece of plastic electrical conduit into the grip. I used silicon rubber inside the grip, inserted the conduit. Then I used silicon rubber inside the conduit of the new grip onto the bar of Wells-Engberg hand control rod. The extra silicon rubber just squeezes out. Wipe it away and let dry for a day. It has a nice rubbery feel and it's larger in diameter which fits my hand better than the thinner Wells-Engberg plastic grip.

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    Thank you both for that information, and I appreciate the photo Ti. I'm not able to use the throttle type because of lack of grip. But at least I know the right angle type is doable (although it hits the leg; I have that problem even with my full size Ford.

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    Rustyjames - that's too bad (about grip)! It may be possible to put an extension on the level so that it can be higher up...they raised mine up a little this way, but it wasn't enough for me. Depending upon the year of the van, the seat you're using, etc - hopefully it won't be a problem (I just used a swivel base on my seat, not an official piece of adaptive equipment, but something VW fans use for camping mods).

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    I picked up a really clean 2000 van, it's only got 43,000 original and even smells new inside. The main reason I bought it was because it had a Braun Swing Away lift already installed. I've got a Ricon 6 way seat base for it so I think I should be ok as far as my knee hitting the hand control lever. We've got the dash apart and it's seems like the Monarch 1A controls are going to be a tough install. I was just wondering what others were using.

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    VW Camper swivel seat base

    The Volkswagen Eurovan camper swivel seat base mounts with 4 metric bolts that you can purchase at any local hardware store. As I recall I used a hand drill with a grinding stone on it to grind away the stop under the base. The base only turns counter clockwise whereas if you grind away the stop it will turn both directions. Slide the seat off the standard base and mount it on the swivel and bolt it in. That is how simple it is. Silicon spray once or twice a year. A very low maintenance free mechanical (non-electrical) swivel base.

    Something to look into.

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    I sure would prefer to have one less mechanical device as part of my life but I think you function at a higher level than me (I'm a C7). I've had the same Ricon base in my current van for 12 years and it's been quite reliable.

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