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Thread: New TR3

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brianm View Post
    I agree that TiLite's guards leave a lot to be desired. I really like those that you posted Stephen, but the question is, will they fit the smaller tubing of a TR. The reason they are already looking squishy is because it came with a leg strap but I already ditched it...we'll see how long the guards last before they go.
    Nice chair Brianm, about your impact guards is nothing important, anyway Oracing leather impact guards fits in any kind of tubes, because they are sewed by hand in factory directly to the frame, you can`t take them out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rolling01au View Post
    Nice ride mate. By the looks of it im not the only one that has one shoulder drop lower than the other when sitting up.
    I noticed that in both pictures as well and was quite surprised. I believe what is going on there is more happenstance than normal; I have some theories. Now I have a complex! I have issues with my lower back so I am constantly moving due to discomfort.
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    nice ride. the side guards suck. the bolt ons are the only way to go. you can tighten them when they get sloppy thou. rep
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    Sweet ride, nice job building.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SCI_OTR View Post
    A colleague and I spec'd out first TR3 on Friday. We were wondering if you could do a +1.5" custom frame. The fact that you could do .75 tells me that won't pose any problem.


    I believe TiLite did note the .75" for us to verify we indeed wanted that and when I said yes it was never an issue; I was curious myself how it would go.

    An interesting note about caster placement in regards to the flip-back footrest that bears out in looking at the CAD drawings of both my TR’s. In my old TR I always thought it was odd that my footplate sat 1” back from the front of my chair, see picture below. In studying for the new chair, comparing other chairs and CAD drawings, I came to the conclusion that TiLite places the casters and the back bar of the footplate in relation to each other so that the wheels reach an object slightly before the footrest bar, carrying the bar over the object. The footplate being a standard depth, they simply ran that footrest bar back deeper to reach their goal.

    In light of this I figured my 80 degree chair was already 1” closer to being an 85 degree, at least in regards to foot placement, so the change wouldn’t be as dramatic for me. As can be seen in my new chair, the footplate is indeed flush with the front of my chair.

    Footplate recessed 1":

    Old TR:

    New TR3:
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    I had never noticed that! My AeroZ1's flip-back-footrest/caster relationship is similar. It must be on purpose.
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    Your footplate is flush in front with an 80 degree front, but you do not have the +1" speculation.
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    Great-looking chair...glad you got all the measurements right!

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    Some more pictures...
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    How do you like the Frog legs?
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