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Thread: New TR3

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    Actually, now that I think of it, anyone think Oracing can sell impact guards that would fit TR tubing? I would totally buy their impact guards as an aftermarket thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brianm View Post

    I agree that TiLite's guards leave a lot to be desired. I really like those that you posted Stephen, but the question is, will they fit the smaller tubing of a TR. The reason they are already looking squishy is because it came with a leg strap but I already ditched it...we'll see how long the guards last before they go.
    Oracing doesn't sell the frame guards and the ones I've seen pictured on their chairs all have larger diameter tubing than the 1" tubing of the TR3.

    You'd have to source out a steering wheel cover supplier (like these folks) and order something in Size A and find someone who's good with a needle and thread. It would look great and more importantly I think it would accomplish what TiLite's frame protectors likely won't -- protecting the frame.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chaiale View Post
    Actually, now that I think of it, anyone think Oracing can sell impact guards that would fit TR tubing? I would totally buy their impact guards as an aftermarket thing.
    I inquired. Oracing does not offer it as an aftermarket product -- they're sewn on at the factory.

    To get something like it you'll have to explore steering wheel cover suppliers like the one I linked to above.

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    Ah well. I may just do that--it looks so much better than something obviously to keep the chair getting scratched and knocked around.

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    Humm, a business opportunity for someone...although I don't see riches in the future.

    Nofuss: I too liked the way my legs are, they are also up a bit higher, 1/4", than in my current chair; I have wondered at times if my legs are too low in my current chair, but I have been comfortable so I have left it alone, time will tell if I need to lower them in the new.

    Here is a picture that Todd @ ADI sent me, where they had one of their hard backs on it.

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    Brian, why did you opt for a fabric sling? Didn't your previous chair have a solid pan?
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    No chas, I have a sling in both; I have had interest in a solid seat pan but with a TR I don't have height adjustment and do not want to gamble on getting the heights right, as they would have to change from what I have.
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    Oh no, which shall I choose now, ZR or TR for my second chair?
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    Awesome Ride! The V front end definitely works for you.

    Couldn't have spec'd it better myself.

    A colleague and I spec'd out first TR3 on Friday. We were wondering if you could do a +1.5" custom frame. The fact that you could do .75 tells me that won't pose any problem.


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    Nice ride mate. By the looks of it im not the only one that has one shoulder drop lower than the other when sitting up.

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