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Thread: New TR3

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    New TR3

    See all the specs here:

    Main differences new vs. old:
    85 v. 80
    11" V front v. 13" tapered
    25" v. 24" rear wheels
    5" v. 4" casters
    +3/4" v. +1" frame
    20" v. 19.5 fsf

    I had the chair sent to ADI and had their brakes installed.

    Unfortunately they made a mistake on my projection hand-rims, so they are not on yet in the pictures. I only sat in the chair about 10-15 minutes thus far. Te CAD shows a COG of 2.5" but I had it changed to 2.25 before they sent it out.

    In contrast to my TR...

    C5-6 Complete - 8/13/1982

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    Congrats!! I'm very strongly considering the TR for my next chair.
    TiLite TR3
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    I am a person with mild/moderate hexaparesis (impaired movement in 4 limbs, head, & torso) caused by RRMS w/TM C7&T7 incomplete.

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    SWEET! Love the tighter front end!

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    You're looking healthy, man!

    The new chair is nice! You look comfortable in it.

    I see you have new speakers since the older photos as well. Nice ribbon tweets.

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    Congrats, Brian! Looks great and the fit looks spot on. Look forward to reading your detailed review.

    One small niggle: The TiLite frame guards are already looking a little squishy. Nature of that beast. I really like the stitched-up guards that Oracing uses. They look great and I suspect they remain in place better.

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    That chair looks good on you, man! The fit looks well dialed-in. Your hard work shows, and I hope the change in specs really works for you.

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    The frame guards are squishy because of the Frog Leg forks. I have a TR2 with Frog Leg forks and impact guards, and it does the same thing.

    The chair is obviously custom, but I don't think the impact guards are.

    Brian, your chair looks great.
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    Thanks all. I concur Essie. NorthQuad, are you calling me fat?

    I agree that TiLite's guards leave a lot to be desired. I really like those that you posted Stephen, but the question is, will they fit the smaller tubing of a TR. The reason they are already looking squishy is because it came with a leg strap but I already ditched it...we'll see how long the guards last before they go.
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    Congratulations Brian! Know you put a LOT of thought into your TR replacement. Leg stance looks particularly comfortable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NorthQuad View Post
    I see you have new speakers since the older photos as well. Nice ribbon tweets.
    Indeed and those RAAL ribbon tweets are amazing!!
    C5-6 Complete - 8/13/1982

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