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Thread: "Survey for fellow member senior pharmacy school project! Please help $100 giveaway!

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    I tried to take the survey but can't complete it without providing false information, e.g. saying that I took at least one of the medications listed even though I didn't. Question 9 needs to include an option that reads "I didn't take any medications to treat a UTI in the past year."
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    Thanks! I included a box with the answer "none."

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    I couldn't take it because I don't cath

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    Done, but wasn't Zack Morris in Saved by the Bell? lol
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    I added the answer "other" to the "cath" question Jim. 58 submissions so far, 100 is my target and there is still time to take it.

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    Done! If you track the results based on IP address and/or email please note that I do take Batrim daily to prevent UTI's.

    Also, if I were to win the Gift Card please donate it to a worthy cause if your local community. The email address I entered is

    Best of luck on your project and let us know how it turns out. I am curious of the outcome graphs.
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    Still time to take the Survey

    I still need 25 more participants and there is still time for you to win $100.

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    I only need 12 more participants and then I will have the drawing for 3 $100 gift cards!!! So if u haven't or u know someone who hasn't taken the survey there is still time to win!!!

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