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Thread: "Survey for fellow member senior pharmacy school project! Please help $100 giveaway!

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    Done..will you be letting us know what the answers were? I'm curious to know how I and others answered the questions, anonymously of course.

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    I took the survey.

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    I'm C5/6 and can void normally, should I do survey?

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    I only need 3 more participants then I can have the drawing for the gift cards and send out the answers! I will also send out a educational pamphlet once completed (by December). Jim to address your question, since you don't use a catheter I may have to throw your results out if requested by my professor but you can go ahead and take it. I'm guessing you don't use a condom catheter. Just select "other" under catheter type. Thanks again to everyone who has participated or spread the word!

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    Survey completed.

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    Just 2 more participants needed and i can start analyzing my results and draw for the gift cards!!!

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    Done. Man, you can sure tell a non SCI person developed the survey. Faunky questions suchas #10, should have been a check mark for UTI's caused by dirty cathing techniques. most of the questions I just threw in there as the proper ones weren't asked.

    Should have had a person with SCI check over the questions first. This is definitly a skewed questionnaire.

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    Actually I am SCI (9 years) and a pharmacy student. These questions were based off the current practice guidelines not personal experience, that's part of the project. Thanks for your input and participation though. The problem is the guidelines don't incorporate enough practical experience and there has not been enough research included in the guidelines from SCI patients. They really need to have separate guidelines for UTI management for SCI alone. Oh and question 10 was about what causes and increased risk of UTIs due to anatomical reasons not including the fact that catheterization will provide entry for bacteria, that's the reason that is not a possible answer. JUST 1 MORE participant needed!
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    I will say that I felt the survey was well written and with few exceptions very acceptable. I mentioned it to a few patients to see if they would log in and take the survey for you. Let's hope they do. I know you have been trying to get the survey done for some time now.
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    Thanks Rob I really appreciate it! I ONLY NEED 1 MORE participant to hit my goal of 100.

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