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Thread: Happy Birthday, Steven Edward!

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    Happy Birthday Steven.

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    I am the sky
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    I am the night, the night..

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    Who's Steven Edward?

    I noticed that it's also Steven Edwards's birthday. What a coincidence.

    Happy Birthday, Steven, lol.

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    (((Steven))) My favourite hot ginge! Well, next to Prince Harry that is .. but if you want to up your game with full frontal as he did, I'm waiting!


    Happy Birthday! mwah!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Buck503 View Post
    Who's Steven Edward?
    I didn't even notice. My bad!

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    TY Todd I was not feeling well.....Happy Birthday Steven..
    For every minute you're angry you lose a second of happiness

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    Mazel tov Steven !!

    ~ Be the change you wish to see in the world ~ Mahatma Gandi

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