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Thread: Smartphone with NO data plan

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    Smartphone with NO data plan

    i changed cell carrier to to save money since i hardly use my cell. Best part is i finally have a smartphone without the extra cost of a mandatory data plan others force you to pay just for having a smartphone. I just use my home network or public wifi for free. It uses the sprint network and if i want i can still use cell tower for GPS and internet but it looks costly. This may help some of you out who stay at home a lot like me. Use link below to save additional $25

    P.S if you get a phone turn your data plan off with their dashboard before you do any updates and check out android apps for free wifi txt and calls.... you can get cell bill down to $6 not including taxes

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    Just switched 3 of my 5 lines to ting. Price is right service is great, live operator when I call them. I have one line for my employee and one for my mother in law, the monthly bill is $24.00. The third line is for my mother and her bill $18.00 month

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    Ting picked up on the first ring with a live person when i called. Then i called verizon to make sure contract was canceled and it took 20 minutes to navigate their automated system and 3 different customer service reps (one of which who transferred me back into automated system) just to verify cancellation.

    If you're around free wifi most of the day, download Google Voice app and Groove IP app for your phone for free calls/txt. You'll need to sign up for a Google Voice account and get a GV phone #. Then you can decide if you want to use googles/groove voip when you have wifi access for free calls/txt or use your carriers minutes. Only thing is when you use GV peoples ID will show your GV # and not your cell.

    Here's some good setups if you port your cell # to GV or you dont mind GV being your primary # via call forwarding.
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