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Thread: Aquilla Air Pulse PK

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    Aquilla Air Pulse PK

    Im am selling an Aquilla Air Pulse PK. I bought it in Nov. 2010, so it is fairly new. I used it for about a year
    and did not work for me the way I though. I guess Im too active . If you dont know about this cushion visit all the information is there you will need. My sale price is $2500.00 or best offer(no
    low balls, I know what this is worth and im already saying $1000 less then what I paid) but I know they are
    expensive and I want to help someone out who can use it and doesnt have or want to spend $3500 or more. The size
    of the cushion is 14.5" wide by 16" long.
    Email me if you are interested.

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    why didn't it work?

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    Im in and out of my chair to much to deal with turning on and off the device. I used it to heal my sore and now that the sore is all healed up I dont have any use for it.

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    Count drift, how did it work healing your sore? Did it pretty much keep pressure off of your sore area? I currently have a freshly healed sore and have researching the Aqulla.


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    The cushion worked great for keeping pressure off the area. For healing I would say that the cushion helps but does not heal, I found laying down (being non active) works the best. Having the cushion was good because I did not have really anyone to help me with daily living so I was able to get up. If you have a healed sore and you are someone who doesn't get out of the chair that much, get the cushion. If your in and out of the chair more then a few times a day don't get the cushion.

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