If you live in the greater San Francisco Bay area and are looking for a place to donate your used wheelchairs and other durable medical equipment; or if you are looking to acquire a wheelchair or other durable medical equipment at low or no cost, you might want to check out The Shop at the Center for Independent Living at 2539 Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley, CA., (510) 649 1100

The Shop is recycling, refurbishing and redistributing donated equipment used by people with disabilities. They also provide wheelchair repairs on a sliding scale basis and have some items for temporary loan, items for sale at inexpensive prices or items for give away. They have a machine known as a HUBSCRUB which sanitizes medical devices that it sells or loans and offers free equipment sanitation services to community members free of charge.

They accept these and other durable medical equipment for donation: power and manual wheelchair, hospital beds, crutches, canes, shower benches/chairs, listening devices, reading machines.

All the best