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Thread: Dr. Conal Wilmot, spinal-cord expert

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    Dr. Conal Wilmot, spinal-cord expert

    Dr. Conal Wilmot, spinal-cord expert

    By Betty Barnacle

    Mercury News

    He was the kind of person who sometimes hid a soft heart under a crusty demeanor.

    Dr. Conal B. Wilmot, a leader in spinal-cord medicine in his native Ireland and later as chairman of Valley Medical Center's and Stanford University's collaborative Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Center, would answer his paralyzed patients truthfully when they asked about their condition.

    He did this, his daughter Helen Wilmot said, because he felt they first had to grieve about what abilities they had lost before working on bettering the ones they had left.

    Dr. Michael Berlly, once Dr. Wilmot's student and now holding his teacher's job, said: ``He answered the patients with gentleness. He was very sympathetic with them. But he demanded respect and the highest standards from the staff because lives were involved. He did amazing things and loved the staff like family.''

    It wasn't until her father's death Sept. 14 at 71 of Alzheimer's disease he had suffered for eight years that his daughter learned why Dr. Wilmot specialized in the treatment and study of paraplegics and quadriplegics.

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    As far as I am concerned, he is just one of many SCI old-liners we need to get out of the way for any progress to begin. It's amazing that the medicine he preached throughout his professional career did him no service when his brain became ravaged with Alzheimer's. He was thrown into the world of neurological deterioration, and he most likely got a taste of his own tough love when he was sent to a therapist who was most likely taught by him years before. Big deal!

    sherman brayton

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