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Thread: FreedomRyder FRH-1

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    Yes I thought about the Force bikes but to be honest I probably won't race. I'll mainly be leisurely cycling with my wife daughter and maybe friends.

    I just thought it may have been nice to have the option of the reclined bike, but what you say about cutting the stock back rest position back sounds like the better option now.

    I could always get a Force too, if I do feel that I could race and be competitive. I did consider the Quickie Shark too, as that has both options of upright and reclined, but I like what I've read about the FRH-1 even more.

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    All I can say is the FRH-1 is the best bike so far, that I have owned. Been basically bullet proof. The only thing I didn't like was the 650c wheels. I spoke with Mike at length about it yesterday and he's putting on the 559 wheels for the Bionix he's building.

    If I were to order one from them today, I'd ask for a narrower axle built with 559 wheels, Rotor Q rings and buy a Powerpod from Mark. That way, I could ride and train manually if wanted; put the powerpod on for riding with others that are faster and could also train using a faster cadence.

    Lofgren was asking about the Powerpod and I sent him the info on Marks wonderful invention.

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