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Thread: Please help

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    Thank you and trust me when I say this but I have changed so much since this happened that I truly feel that I found family. I feel that I need so much help but at the same time I am very willing to help anyone who also needs my help. God Bless

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    Thank you

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    What is his insurance? He needs acute SCI and TBI inpatient rehabilitation. I would recommend either Casa Colina in Pomona, or Rancho Los Amigos in Downey. You can contact them and ask them to evaluate him for rehab, and then insist that the insurance case manager does their job. You are also entitled to request a change in insurance case managers. Don't give up, and keep fighting for your son.


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    Hi Minnie, glad you found cc. I am so sorry you have to go through this. I know how difficult this has to be for you. All I can do is offer you what kld has already said and that is to keep fighting for your son. Sometimes we know what is best and what needs to be done.

    The first several years are important. He may get more return in the next few years. No one knows for certain so whatever improvement you see work with it. I wish I could offer you more but know that you're in the right place here. There is much wisdom and experience that so many here eloquently share. Please keep us updated.

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    Oh honey. I am so very sorry.

    Anything you need to know-ask us. If he comprehends you, you have to inform him. None of us knew how to stay alive in these effed-up bodies. We were all taught at rehab, hard knocks and CareCure.

    Make sure to watch his skin. Try to make him roll himself. It's a vital skill, it's SCI 101.

    I don't know what else to say. But I used to be a mom of a boy...and I feel ya. God bless us every one.

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