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Thread: Please help

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    Please help

    I'm new to this, my son had a quad accident on October of last year and is now a quadraplejic. I feel I need help in every single aspect emotionally, physically and spiritually just anything to guide us to get the help that my son needs. Desperate Mother!

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    Welcome to CareCure, minniesosa100. I am very sorry that this happened to your son.

    You couldn't have found a better community for sharing information and experience than this one. Your post would probably be seen by more people in the New SCI section of the forums - not only that, but you are overwhelmed right now by what has happened and you'll find a lot of useful information and guidance there. Click here to go to the New SCI subforum.

    You might be interested in the Caregiving section, too - it specifically focuses on the needs and concerns of people caring for others with SCI. Click here to go to the subforum.

    You'll find a wealth of information on this site, and members who are glad to share their wisdom and experience. Best wishes to you, your son, and your entire family!

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    very sorry you had to find this place, glad you did. This is home like no other. there very good nurses here, and lots of people who have been where you and your family are now.

    welcome to care cure.

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    Welcome Minnesota 100 you will find a lot of quadriplegic and more information here plus encouragement . Please let your son know that he is not alone and we are here for him when he need us...
    coolbreeze c6/7

    Keep on moving don't stop!

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    dear minniesosa100
    let us know if there is anything specific you would like to discuss or share.


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    If you are in nor cal by chance and close enough. We have an SCI group that meets in Placerville. Sounds like you could use a bit of our support.

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    Yes, welcome to CareCure! As we always say, sorry you had to find us, but glad you did.

    Please share a little more about your son's injury, such as what his level and completeness of injury is, where he had rehab, and where he is now functionally.

    Is he living with you? Are you his primary care giver? Is he going to school or work? Getting into sports?

    In what part of California are you?


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    Fellow Californian!!!

    Looking to hearing more from you and your son.

    All the best,

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    1,813 NOT give up!!! Strange things happen at strange times. Giving up, probably reduces that chance. Don't try to take big "steps/pieces" forward. Take very snall. They have better chance of success and everyone will feel a world better.

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    Please Help Me

    I'm new to this, my son who is 21 had a quad accident in Glamis, California on October of last year . He was left a quadraplejic with a severe brain injury according to doctors(I myself disagree). I know he broke his neck and his back along with his spinal cord which was severed at T5 and 6. He is also unable to speak but I know hw understands because he started responding on command when I ask him to move his left arm. No rehab is being given to him at all I keep getting the run a round from both the skilled nursing facility he's at and the insurance case manager :/ I feel I need help in every single aspect emotionally, physically and spiritually just anything to guide us to get the help that my son needs. Desperate Mother! We live in Southern California the San Gabriel Valley area.

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