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    Long time, no login

    Not sure who is still around. Apologies to those who messaged me or emailed on the address associated with this account.

    My dad was taken ill in late 2011 and died in the New Year. For some reason I neglected to check in for a while and then I just got out of the habit. Every time I had checked in there had been negativity, fighting, bans etc. Just couldn't be arsed with it.

    Hope you're all ok. Life is still a hectic mess of work, carousing, parting company with my chair and ill-advised conflagrations with members of the opposite sex - although now I'm 41 I'm pretty sure those are fading.

    Say hello.
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    Welcome back bro!

    Sorry to hear about your father.

    Please expand on any and all illicit affairs in detail.

    And the truth shall set you free.

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    Great to see you back you old reprobate!

    Sorry to hear about your father, I remember you mentioning him a couple of years ago.

    Stick around this time why don't ya, you know you miss the drama!

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    Hey stranger!

    No party pics to post?

    Sorry to hear about your dad.
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    I'm sorry for the loss of your dad, P.

    You've been missed.

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    Sorry about your dad.

    I'm glad you're pulling through the pain.

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    Nice to see you again! I am very sorry about the loss of your dad.

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    Saddened to hear of the loss of your father.

    Glad to see you post and to know you are otherwise well.


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    Welcome back! I'm very sorry to hear about your father. Hope the end of the year is better then the start of it for you.

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