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Thread: AFO'S muscle fatigue,+knees

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    AFO'S muscle fatigue,+knees

    I wear 2 AFO'S told by orthotist, muscle fatigue is causing knee instabilty.
    Recently dislocated kneecap, due to this problem.

    have problems with soreness on calfs etc wearing the AFO'S

    Any comments welcome

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    Hello Teaman,

    I walked with forearm crutches and an AFO on my left foot for some 37 years. In 2004, I fell and broke my left kneecap and that ended my walking. I am now a full time power-chair user and I love it. I wish I had used this chair many years ago. When I did walk, I could stand for about 30 minutes before my back would start hurting. After it started to hurt, once I bent my knees, I would go down in the chair or floor...but I would go down. A couple of times, this caused some embarrassment but I survived. At my peak, I was involved with a "Walk for Mankind" and went 4 miles in 4 hours...(I thought I was going to die!)

    Good luck and be assured that the muscles do fatigue. I also exercised with my legs a lot but they still got weak.
    ''Life's tough... it's even tougher if you're stupid!'' -- John Wayne

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