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Thread: Tire sizes? 24" 540?

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    Tire sizes? 24" 540?

    Hello all, I am still confused over a few things even though I have been in a wheelchair since 98'. I have always had wheels of the same size in all my chairs. The store I got them from knew the size and all I would have to do is call them and tell them I need new ones. I have never got familiar with tire sizes. Now I have a new chair that has thin tires and the size has been rubbed off by me riding flat for a long time. I have NO clue of the size?..I think it is 24 by 1 by 540?? What is the order of the numbers go to?

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    Those are the right numbers.
    This link shows the size.

    not neccassarily that tire, but that size.
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    Thank you for the link. i am about to dive in and try to learn all that I have let fly by. I should know allot more about wheelchairs than I do! I have just ignored it for so long..I dont know why...Just did..But no more!..Thanks again!

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    How do or would know if it is 24" by 2?? I looked up some wheels to buy from a on-line store and they had LOTS of 24" by 2...EEK! I need to get a ruler..What is the second number refuring to?

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    I believe the 2' tires are the knobby ones. Are you looking for an everyday tire? If so, the link I sent is good for an inexpensive tire.

    If you want a quality tire, go with this

    And what chair are you using?
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    I just went thru that today ordering bike tires. 24x1 can be either a 540x32 or a 507x?; which are two completley different sizes. It's best to look at the mm numbers.

    If it's a wheelchair wheel, it's a 540x32. or a 24x1" If you're looking for a good tire, I suggest the Scwalbe Right Runs. they aren't too expensive, last a long time, will fit your rims if they are 24" and are high pressure tires. Makes pushing much easier. You'd have trouble pushing a 24x2 not only for the fact they are so big bust also because they're low pressure tires.

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    Numerous tire-sizing methods exist around the globe. They are inconsistent, confusing, and conflicting. Because of this an organization was formed in 1964 that created a universal bicycle-tire sizing nomenclature. This organization is called the European Tyre and Rim Technical Organisation (ETRTO).

    (I deleted my content - Schwalbe explains it much better.)

    Here's a link to Schwalbe's tire-markings page, which shows the numerous inconsistencies among old tire-sizing systems and the consistency of the ETRTO system.
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    Thanks Chas, that's what I meant instead of mm it's ETRTO.

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    OK, i read that page but am still a little lost (but getting there slowly). The wheels I need are *LOW* profile (not high off the rim) and very skinny because the rims are thin. So the first number is the diameter..I know mine is 24"..A guy on the phone told me that it is also 540..I dont know what that refers to. And how would I know if it is 24 x 1..or 24 x 2?? Sorry I am slow at getting the hang of this. I feel like I am almost getting it...haha. Thank you guys for helping!

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    What kind of chair do you have? make and model
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