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Thread: Chad has pneumonia

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    Thoughts and prayers for you and Chad! Hope to hear more continued improvement!
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    thinking of you two. i hope chad had a pneumonia shot which combats the worst kind. all of us should have it.

    one thing to remember foir everybody: the pneumonia shot doesn't work on both kinds of pneumonia. antibiotics don't work on the viral kind. so, i get the flu shot and make sure my pneumonia shot is up to date. maybe a nurse can chime in here, but this is my understanding. i also get these shots in my upper thigh as i don't want a sore arm.
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    Feel better Chad ......
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    Sending Chad good thoughts and hope he is better soon.

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    Sending my thoughts and get well wishes his way too!

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    Hey Chad, glad you're doing better. Best wishes for a speedy return to respiratory health. Hi Ami!

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    Glad to hear he's improving! Sent some prayers as added insurance.

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    Foolish old - hi!!!

    Continued good news, he has vastly improved, not even coughing today. No fever, energy much improved and good appetite. He even left the swamp room and spent the day out in the office playing on his computer.

    Y'all are the BEST. It has been such a lift to come to this thread and read all the responses. Thank you to each of you.
    Wife of Chad (C4/5 since 1988), mom of a great teenager

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    So glad to hear this! Continued good wishes to you both!

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    Glad he's feeling better.

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