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Thread: Did the funniest, dumbest thing ever today

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    Did the funniest, dumbest thing ever today

    We have been fiddling with using different cushions to combat a pressure sore that keeps developing on a certain spot on Chad's behind. Basically we rotate between the Supracor Stimulite and a Roho. So today, we decided to put him on the Roho.

    I got him dressed in bed, got him in the sling, put the Roho cushion down and put him in the chair. We both looked at each other and said "Are you about 10 feet in the air????". He just looked like he was sitting up really very high. The only thing we could figure out is that our uncle had probably pumped up the Roho since the last time we used it, and that he probably overly inflated it.

    For the next few minutes, we tried EVERYTHING to get him arranged, but no matter what, his feet literally dangled and didn't even hit the foot plate.

    Guess what the problem was? I had neglected to take the stimulite cushion off LMAO!!!!!!!! So he was sitting on TWO cushions! Doink! I'm such an idiot lol....

    Adventures in quadriplegia!
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    Its a watch the washer kind of day....LOL

    Thanks for the laugh and at least you can still laugh
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    That's so funny. (sign of stress?) Don't ya wish when things like this happen you could automatically earn a free vacation?

    I love it when the first thing that comes out of me in times like that are a big laugh... Last night I was mixing up a spice rub for some meat and I poured half of a new bottle of tarragon all over the kitchen floor. It looked so pretty covering the floor and I just laughed at it- HA! (You won't make ME curse you puny little spice!)

    What's next??

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    Well now we know what to do for sores on the feet. Use two cushions for the bottom and your feet will stay clear of the footplates, excellent.

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    Good one!

    I once sat with my Jay cushion on my chair backwards for two days. Couldn't figure out why the mild dysreflexia. Of course I was sitting on the hard foam part with the leg divider planted between my cheeks.

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    Hi Ami,

    I think it's great you can come on here with stories to enlighten our days. I am wondering though, are you a natural blond that colors her hair dark? What you did sounds so much like what my wife does almost daily. Every day is a new adventure!

    I hope you and Chad have a great day.
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    lol. That's something I'd do!

    btw:I haven't been on regularly lately...your pic is awesome.You look great!

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