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Thread: Computer slowed down

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    I forget but I think XP only supports 3 megs Ram

    Too many anti virus / malware software programs Will Slow computers Down

    My Dad used to run many of them programs on thier computer and the machine was slower than a snail ...

    I like Linux it is one of my Favorites

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    If you are only concerned about browsing you could run a linux distro designed for older computers: puppy linux, linux mint, ect.

    You may want to run a anti root-kit to see if there are any.

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    Quote Originally Posted by airart1 View Post
    probably wore it out...!!!
    This type of wear out is called bit rot. It is not an actual hardware error, but the complex state of the system.

    Do a scorched earth clean install and it will be as good as new, which is not good for a PeeCee.

    You can restore individual files yo backed up, but be careful not to restore the original problem.

    Do not install a later version as while hardware has Moore's law speed up, but systems have Wirth's law slow down due to software bloat. The worst is having that bloated software on old hardware!

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    It's 3 GiB

    Quote Originally Posted by GL View Post
    XP only supports 3 megs Ram
    32-bit systems are limited to 3 GiB "gigs" or RAM. You have 3 GiB for RAM and 1 GiB up top for PCI, etc. This uses all the 32-bit 4 GiB address space.

    Windows XP was available for 64-bit, but had limited driver support. If you really want to stick with Microsoft you would probably need to go to Windows 7 to explout AMD64 long mode (also in Intel64 a.k.a. em64t). On Apple 64-bit is on G5 or Core2 and later.

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