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Thread: insurance VS EasyStand

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    insurance VS EasyStand

    i just had a bone scan done and found out i'm 27 with osteoporosis after 5 years of being in a chair. my doctor wrote a script for a standing frame but i know it's not that simple. i'm just looking for some tips and advice about do's and don'ts

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    You are correct that a standing frame is not the sole answer to osteoporosis treatment. You need to get medication to treat osteoporosis. You should ask a PT or OT the policy for issuing a standing frame. It takes some practice and training to use it correctly and get the best benefit out of it.


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    Altimate Medical (manufacturer of the Easy Stand brand) has a great funding resource on their website - here is the link:

    Good luck!

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    Sometimes state insurance will cover standing frames. Medicaid as well as a program called COPES in WA State helped pay for my standing frame. I will warn you, it will take a while to get it aproved, but it is well worth it. Make sure your PT write a very thorough letter to your insurance, as to why you need a standing frame and why it would be beneficial to your health. It took about 10 months for my to be approved and delivered to my apartment.

    I refused to get a Baclofen Pump, so my PT said that a standing frame might help with spasticity and be cheaper in the long run to my insurance. It paid off. I have an EasyStand Evolv mobile stander. I will let you know that, if you need the motorized lift option for the frame, your PT will have to convince the insurance as to why you need a motor to lift you, rather than a manual hydraulic option. I was told this right from the start, even though I didn't need the motor option.

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