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Thread: SmartDrive Power Assist Device from MAX Mobility

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    perhaps a remote with 2 buttons? one for normal functions, the other for a deceleration mode for down slopes, both for cruise mode (would this be suitable for cobblestones or rickety pavement tiles?)

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    Quote Originally Posted by SCI_OTR View Post
    Once the maximum speed from the descent (or 4.5 MPH) has been attained,
    the wheelchair in motion stays in motion until a sufficient rate of deceleration
    has been detected to interrupt power.

    .................................................. ................................--I. Newton

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    Quote Originally Posted by SCI_OTR View Post
    I intend to keep one on my personal chair

    hey that's really really great site, thanks bookmarked

    Quote Originally Posted by JGNI View Post
    Unless it is already a feature, it would also be nice if it could help slowing down when going down an incline by applying resistance to the drive wheel.
    it would be extra cool if it could do that AND charge the battery like how hybrid cars work these days

    Quote Originally Posted by SCI_OTR View Post
    JamesFr, you ask some valuable questions that I will respond to in a separate post.


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    Good news for Frenchies, the SmartDrive has now an importer in France who is working on getting it on the list of approved equipment that can be partially funded by government.
    I just asked for a demo.

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    your right KLD, each individual VA has to have one demo'd and approved at, also to get them to issue you one..........they have yet to start demo'n them at the VA's, don't understand the dragging of feet......but they aren't overly staffed either........

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    Looks Like the Price has come down a couple hundred $ for the New Smart Drive Power assist with Living Spinal You can now get it for $5995.00 plus free shipping.

    This product is truly amazing, by far one of the most innovative new products for manual wheelchair users.

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    We added the SmartDrive to the website this morning!

    $5480.00 including shipping.

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    This will get somebody's attention. I saw it listed here: as ..."0 Review(s) Your Price: $3,295.00" yesterday still today.
    I have had periodic paralysis all my life. I lost my ability to walk in 2011 beginning with a spinal block, which was used for a hip fracture caused by periodic paralysis.

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    Not fully understanding the modularity, I have to wonder how easy it is to detach the battery portion. Batteries are heavy and I would want to remove it when not using.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SCI_OTR View Post
    The combined weight of the system is only 19 lbs. Took me about a minute to put on/take off the battery pack and drive unit from my chair and I could stow both in front of the passenger seat of my Honda Accord (and I put my frame on top of the seat).
    I guess this answers my question. Still would be nice to see a video of the entire process (including the battery pack) of getting it in/out of a car.

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