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Thread: Burn on foot question

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    Burn on foot question

    I recently got a burn on my heel and from what I know and have researched about a burn blister, it should just be left to heal. However this is by far the largest blister I have ever had. Any advice? I attached a picture.

    This happened from my race car, I had it on the dyno doing some tuning and the tunnel got very hot. I felt the pain and moved my foot but not quick enough.

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    Dude, go get that looked at. There's a place where burns need medical attention. I would say this would be one of those times.
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    Whoa, that is one hell of a blister!.

    Do everything in your power to keep that blister intact, including covering the blister was sterile gauze or other padding to make sure it doesn't accidentally snagged on something and get torn open. As long as the blister doesn't break, you're in good shape.

    If, God forbid,the blister does break open and protective cover skin comes off, I would get to wound care specialist as soon as possible.

    What caused that nasty burn?
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    The actual blister seems normal but those darker patches under it are what I wonder about it.

    FWIW this happened Wednesday night and I only just noticed it last night. I have had no AD or spasms from it. When I saw it I was surprised I didn't have some of that. The blister does not leak at all and is soft to the touch. Putting on socks gave me no AD/pain/spasm.

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    What Smash/Ashleigh said above.
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    That is quite a large blood blister. It would be good to get it looked at. Usually blisters are best not to be burst. the blister is a protective cover to the damage lying underneath the blister.


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    Obviously went through enough layers of skin to get to deep tissue i.e. the massive blood accumulated. I agree - have someone take care of this because that's the number 2 spot for pressure wounds (meaning it will be more difficult to heal, especially if there's swelling). Obviously no shoes when working on the car?
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    Third degree burn, massive blood, what?!?

    I don't think there would be blood in the blister at all if I had known about it sooner. I looked that evening after I felt the pain sensation but didn't see anything then forgot. The site got irritated I am sure through daily life. I even took a shower and didn't notice it, and washed my feet too.

    I don't have any pressure issues there. I do on my little toes, they tend to curl in and the bone by the knuckle is the issue. It is a sharp point with thin skin. I don't wear my shoes that much because of that. I wanted to wear them when I got the burn but I forgot to take them. I am insulating that area of the car now.

    It looks to me like an area of second degree (superficial partial thickness) with those dark areas second degree (deep partial thickness)?

    My daughter got a hand burn on the fireplace not to long ago and it was very similar. I am trying to remember and I believe it was a week or maybe two leaving the blister alone. Then the doctor cut the blister off and dressed the area. That was on her fingers though not an immobile spot like mine.

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    Just getting over a burn to the foot on the heel. It took me 7 months to heal. Had it followed by a vascular surgeon. Silvadeen cream with dressing changes on a daily basis all that time. I had a section of the burn that was 3rd. degree. The foot is farthest from the heart making it take a lot longer to heal than other parts of the body. This should be watched and taken care of by a professional who can catch the first signs of possible infection setting in. Suggest you don't delay in doing this.
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    Update two weeks post, the blister has been doing well. The fluid is going down and there is nice pink skin underneath. There has been no sign of any trouble so I have left it heal.

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