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Thread: hospital?

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    this crazy heart freezing sweating cant eat thing has been happening now for six days. I can barely make pee, though im making efforts to drink enough.
    Iv been sicker than this and not admitted, but this shit just isnt letting up this time. I have called the Dr but they must be really busy after the weekend.
    when is it time to go to the hospital?
    strange thing is my eye brows seen to be looking funky on the sides. what the hell? maybe not related, but its weird. I can see my heart beat through my belly, and if I lay on the left, feel it through my ribs and shoulder. kinda feeling like this shit is going to do me in.

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    go. i don't like the sounds of it.

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    Jody, please go to the hospital right now. Do not pass go, do not collect $200.

    Don't mess when it comes to your heart. It sounds like you're seriously dehydrated among other things — you need to get to the ER, get some fluids in you, and let them figure out what's wrong.

    Please girl, get your ass to the hospital NOW. You may take 1 min. to post a reply letting me know you're on your way, but the next time I hear from you should be after the doctors have seen you.

    You're in my thoughts. Now scoot!
    It is easier to find men who will volunteer to die, than to find those who are willing to endure pain with patience.

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    I agree with the above!!! If they try to send you home but you feel you need to stay for your safety then tell them so... Thoughts and prayers!!

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    Yes Jody please may need a iv since you have been really sick this long. I know you hate to go as most of us do.
    I just hate being poked and prodded....but if you sick enough you won't care that least how I feel when am sick enough.

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    I hope you're at the hospital right now! You've been having scary symptoms for quite awhile and someone in the medical profession needs to help you get a handle on them.

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    It's ER time, my friend. Hope you are there as I write.

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    If you're concerned enough, then it's worth it.

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    well I feel better after three bags of fluid.
    all they could see is that the electrolytes. are off. elevated white count, and maybe uti.
    the fluids raised my blood pressure, and the crazy heart beat is not so crazy.

    I think what I hate most is the stupid rate your pain thing.
    once I had saliva again, the shits started, and vomiting, so a dose of phenergan, and they booted me out once the heart beat slowed down below 90. so Im home again and sorry to worry folks.

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