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Thread: why i show no interest in esc

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    Originally posted by Steven Edwards:

    With the right money [ie, private funding of labs], it won't take too many more years.
    exactly... & yes, there really are at least a few organizations out there (that I'm aware of) with the necessary potential to make this happen.

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    Steven & Scott,

    No, no, no. I have worked pretty hard to advocate & fund raise, I really have. It is far more difficult than I ever imagined. Please tell me where these funds are? We currently have don't have .10 cents for clinical trials in the USA. Sorry to refute you, but you have nothing but conjucture to "stand" on.

    Please prove me wrong.

    CRPF can't fund controversial avenues of research (SCNT for example). They are funding acute studies and "quality of life issues"???

    They gotta tow the politically correct line or risk a decrease in funding.

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    Okay Schmeky, so let's kick CRPF out of the picture. I know of two brewing non-profits on the verge of major funding for clinical trials; however, neither have gone fully public yet.

    If I were in your shoes, I'd refute my last statement too, but please let time tell & don't discount the idea of something like this happening. The next year should be interesting.

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    I hate to be the otimistic one here but Schmeky at 48 you're not too old to walk normally again, not by a long shot!

    And Sherman, I don't reckon walking again can be equated to curing a "retarded" person. Cognition has got to be more complicated than walking, which is almost a reflex action. I'm not minimising the comlexity of sci but I believe walking can be restored before repairing brain injury that affects our higher thought processes.

    Look, if I can be optimistic about this, anyone can!!

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    Originally posted by Chris2:

    Look, if I can be optimistic about this, anyone can!!

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