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Thread: why i show no interest in esc

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    why i show no interest in esc

    i want a sci cure A.S.A.P.
    can a sci cure be found using esc? yes
    can a sci cure be found using asc? yes

    which would be quickier today, asc or esc?
    i think asc.
    which would have been quicker election 2000?
    maybe esc.

    for 3 years half of sci scientist have sat on their ass doing nothing while bitching about esc. its done, move on. time is being wasted. i want to fight sci, not fight the esc. esc is not our only choice. if it was, then i would be pro-kerry. the election of 2000 settled esc vs asc debate for me. too fight the esc battle would take yearsssssssss. a right wing half of the country wont allow kerry open esc research. that would just lead to abortion vs anti-abortion and on and on. i want the easiest and quickest path to the cure. esc is no longer the easiest and will not be the quickest.

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    i want the easiest and quickest path to the cure. esc is no longer the easiest and will not be the quickest.
    da, you nor anyone else can really predict what the easiest and quickest route to a cure will be. We now celebrate when someone gets a little feeling back or has some very minor improvment in feeling. We have a long way to go before someone is completely cured and no one knows how we will get there -- not even you.

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    You're willing to give up on ESC because you think ASC will lead to a cure faster.

    I don't care if ASC leads to a cure tomorow, and I'm back to my old self by next year, I'm still going to fight for ESC because I'm tired of these relgious nutbags trying to push science back into the stone ages.

    Learn from the mistakes of others, you won't live long enough to make all of them yourself.

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    Never put all your eggs in one basket! We should never shut down any avenue to a cure, even if we think its just around the corner. Please help suport anything that may help us. I don't think its a case of religious nutbags, just misinformed and incorrectley orientated people.
    Can't someone explain once and for all what we want to do with esc? Can't someone explain that embryos are being destroyed everyday in invitro fertilisation clinics and we could make them useful instead of being destroyed? Can't someone explain we don't want to clone humans to make supersoldiers?
    I'm not from the US, but I wish everyone could vote in the US elections, as they influence the whole world. Well not everyone!
    I hate it when the first lady says her father died from Alzheimers, is that supposed to mean she knows what we are going through?
    What's her point?

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    DA, welcome back. What are you talking about? ASC will cure spinal cord injuries. Look at the little things that are happening right now and that's not even half of it. It will be on your doorstep before you know it. Big things are happening, I just wish I can make it to the neuro meeting in October to see the excitement. I'm just waiting for clinical trials just so I can watch everyone's eyes open. Rock on!!!!

    Time to ride not roll

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    The way things are going in the US, a cure for paralysis and many other diseases (using ESC and ASC) will be discovered in places like Portugal, Australia, Great Britain, China and South Korea. We will have the religious fanatics to thank when we schedule our trips to one of these countries for treatment.

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    The cure will come faster if more funding is available! Bush is already planning cutbacks to NIH funding. His deficit is probably stalling release of the CRPA for vote. ESC and/or ASC will have more funding under a compassionate Democrat controlled government!

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    ASC has been researched for decades now.

    According to Dr. Weissman, human embryonic stem cells were only first reported in 1998, distributed beyond the founder lab a couple of years later, and first funded by NIH in 2002. NT pluipotent stem cell lines have only been reported once this year, in a report from South Korea.

    Dr. Weissman's Statement regarding ASC, ESC and SCNT at the Stem Cell Hearing

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    DA, it is fine if you are not interested in ESC research. I am surprised, however, that you are condoning an administration that not only obstructed embryonic stem cell research and did not support spinal cord injury clinical trials in the past three years but appears unlikely to do so in the next four years.

    The critical path is becoming clear.

    The first step of that path is to have a source of cells that will do the job of bridging the injury site. I hope that adult OEG cells will do the job. If not, fetal OEG cells would be my next choice.

    The second step is to find a therapy that would maximize growth of axons across the injury site. There are several potential choices, including db cAMP, rho kinase inhibitors.

    The third step is to replace neurons. At the present, the only cells that have been shown to do that are embryonic stem cells combined with db cAMP or rho kinase inhibitors.

    The final step is of course to combine all these approaches.


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    I'm just waiting for clinical trials just so I can watch everyone's eyes open.
    You're going to need lots of patience since there is currently NO money for SCI clinical trials in the USA.

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