i want a sci cure A.S.A.P.
can a sci cure be found using esc? yes
can a sci cure be found using asc? yes

which would be quickier today, asc or esc?
i think asc.
which would have been quicker election 2000?
maybe esc.

for 3 years half of sci scientist have sat on their ass doing nothing while bitching about esc. its done, move on. time is being wasted. i want to fight sci, not fight the esc. esc is not our only choice. if it was, then i would be pro-kerry. the election of 2000 settled esc vs asc debate for me. too fight the esc battle would take yearsssssssss. a right wing half of the country wont allow kerry open esc research. that would just lead to abortion vs anti-abortion and on and on. i want the easiest and quickest path to the cure. esc is no longer the easiest and will not be the quickest.