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Thread: bowel program

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    bowel program

    I'm a t-12 partial para. 13 yrs. post. I've always had problems with constipation. Right from the time I got out of intensive care. I remember doing stool softners back then while in the hospital. I just couldn't go. Every Sunday they would give me laxatives. Kept trying to establish a routine using a micro enema, and it just wouldn't work. So I'd go a week with no movement until Sunday again.(they wouldn't give me a laxative during the week because of my rehab) You want to talk about agony. They did x rays tried enemas you name it. There were no physical problems. Once I got out of the hospital it started getting better. I used to drink a lot of beer and that helped. Plus my home cooking. To this day I have never been able to establish a routine. I have a dump every third or fourth day. I've tried the suppositories. the magic bullit gives me cramps. It always has. I have tried doing the digital thing and that only works to clear stool out of the rectum. Look I've done a lot of research on this and read all of the forums. The only thing that works regular are the laxatives. I would like to have a routine of every other day. Not sure what to do anymore. Doctor isn't much help. He says milk of magnesia. sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. any suggestions

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    I have the same problem.
    Did you read the t12 tread?

    It looks like most of the t12 have the same problem with the bowel.

    TH 12 incomplete 12-12-69.

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    Hey Wilddog:
    I too had quite a bit of trouble with constipation. I'm a T6 complete. What finally helped was four things in combination:

    1) a prescription from the doctor for a product caalled Miralax, it is a refined polyethylene glycol that really softens things up. Mix it with any liquid a drink desolves completely with no taste or texture.

    2) take a full large glass (at least 12 fl.oz.)of fiber every day. Let it sit in the glass to absorb as much water as possible before drinking it...I know its awful but it helps.

    3) use the majic bullet...the above should soften things up so that the suppositories work better for you.

    4) keep a large container of water at your bed and work station...try to get the fluids down.

    The only way to keep the mail moving is to keep it soft and extrudable.

    Good luck...Clay

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    Clay I might try that miralax. I have tried everything else. As far as fibre, wow I get a lot of of it. About 1/3 to 1/2 a cup of ground flax seed daily plus fruit, 100 percent whole wheat bread, 2 to 3 litres of water a day also.

    I am going to check out the t-12 thread woman from europe. I live in a small city of 12,000 people and have never even met another t-12. thanks people. Also, it doesn't look like this thread has posted. Did I do something wrong? later people.

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    How does one find the t-12 thread.

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    ditto wild dog......t-12 is in the life for some advice, eat right and never "cheat", then on the special day, exercise in the afternoon/evening, then go with what works (whatever gets this movin along)..

    seems to work 4 me most of the time.....also, keep your body moving as much as you can between "episodes"....the exercise during the routine seems to help with the process.

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    I am a T12/L1 Flaccid - are you flaccid? I have daily bowel movements with no medication. I drink a glass of chocolate milk in the morning and eat at around 4 pm. I do pick at snacks but only pick. Those snacks are fruit, candy, chips or whatever. I do keep active. I weigh about 180. I do mix it up at dinner -always make sure I have some salad during the week plus veggies. Eat a lot of chicken, but beef will back me up. Fish is good also. Hardly any potatoes, but eat lots of rice sides.

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    pure psyillium husk dude. get some at the health food store. its straight fiber, tastes like ____ but will help you have one. you'll get use to it and the payoff will be in your desired outcome. Since the world is devoid of "magic bullets" for now, this can help/


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    i usually have some kinda movement everyday.small ones for the most movements do not keep up with what my intake is about once a week i have a majore giant one.if i notice that i have not had my giant movement and my stomach seems to bulging out.i will take milk of mag and a cup of coffee.within the hour my pipes are clean once again.their are certain things that make me have movements without fail.spinach,peanut mm,s.mexican food,and of course far as a routine..i have not ever had that.

    scott r

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    Kenney, I believe I have a flaccid bowel. Scott, your situation sounds similar to mine. I will have months like what your talking about. Then for whatever reason it changes. I'll keep trying different things. I'll up my fibre content. Although I think I am getting enough. Thanks guys. later

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