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Thread: Kate Middleton/topless scandal

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    Quote Originally Posted by all-buggered-up View Post
    America is a republic right, you rebelled right, you won the war of independence, you beat the english, right? so why the obsession over someone elses royalty, not even Australia where we are still part of the Commonwealth is obsessed with the royals whether nude on not. Our governor general is the queens representative and has certain constitutional powers and most Australians couldn't give a rats arse. Maslins beach is clothing optional and its within 30 minutes of me.... personally I feel that America's obsession with the royal family is because you feel having won the war that you miss haaving a royal family, sorta like freuds penis envy theory of women.
    No obsession here other than why this is such a big deal. If they truly can't handle all the pics in their face then there is saying the request to marry. Or giving up claim to the throne, etc. Britain will survive. Or finding a secluded beach on Tasmania to do their sunning.

    The only time I ever suffered penis envy was when someone explained catherization to me.
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    Im sure she does not have award winning Ta Tas anyway but with fame comes a price. In this society, they have to be more protective and not do anything outdoors. Its not fair I admit but when your famous or royality you are always in the spotlight. Money has its on set of problems.

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