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Thread: anybody know anything about these??

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    anybody know anything about these??

    Check this out,I found it pretty interesting. Its called the "Power-Trike" It looks rugged and might be a good off road machine. I don't know anyone that has ever seen or used one though. All comments welcome, (unless you're teling me that I'm toooo lazy for wanting one)


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    They sold a bunch of these on Ebay. Curtis bought one. I think he likes it. I'm thinking about buying one myself.

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    Just out of curiousity Jeff, How much did they go for on ebay? Looks like new ones run around $2,000-$2500.

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    Gee, I don't know HERCO, aren't you a little leary of ebay? lol I FOUND YOU!!! Didn't even realize it was you the first time I read this post.

    So FYI, I checked on ebay, nothing listed now, and when I checked completed auctions, nothing in the last 30 days. I'll show you how to set up to be notified if one's listed when I come over next, unless you're smart enough to figure it out for yourself.


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