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Thread: Welcome to the Equipment Forum

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    Welcome to the Equipment Forum

    By popular request, this forum was created to discuss equipment that members use, including wheelchairs and other devices. This is the place to discuss adaptive ideas, products, and use of equipment. Please, this forum is for members to discuss equipment and we discourage advertisements by equipment manufacturers and retailers. Thank you and enjoy.


    P.S. For the time being, Jeff Weeks and I will moderate this forum but we will eventually ask members of the community to moderate the forum.

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    Senior Member amanda's Avatar
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    Thanks for setting this up Wise, much appreciated.

    " The best way to predict the future is to invent it."
    - Alan Kay

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    Yes, thank you very much!

    Brian C/5

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    Thank You Wise! I believe this forum will be very useful for all of us. I see it's already quite active. Thanks again!

    L-1 inc 11/24/03

    EDIT: Dr Young, please check your private topics, I sent you a message there.

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    BroknWing, yup. It was a great idea. 86 posts in 5 days. Wise.

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    Great forum. I hope this help us with technical issues and options you can provide us. It seems that if you get sick or injured the pharmaceuticals and dealers of supplies and equipment see us as their sales chances and ways to maintain their bottom line. Right now my concern is with buying parts and repairing my adapted van without going to the local dealer whom I assume marks up his services from 100 to 500% since hehas a monopoly (no chance for a second opinion)and manufacturers of parts simply ignore me and kindly suggest to go to my dealer. Dr Young thanks for your help. I hope more peoplle followed ur example.

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    With so much equipment being marketed these days I often find "users " opinions and experiences to be more helful than "vendors."

    Great forum.

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    I think an area like this is long over due. many sites consider it product pushing and i'm sure some is. But how would you hear the complete story? Pro and Con? [Loud clapping]

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