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Thread: Quick botox question

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    Quick botox question

    Does botox help with tightness in legs, or does it just calm the spasms?

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    Actually, Botox can help with both spasticity (hypertonicity) and spasms, as it works by partially or fully paralyzing the muscle injected. Botox kills the terminal butons of the peripheral motor nerve that supplies the muscle. These usually eventually grow back, which is why Botox only works for 6-18 months.

    On the other hand, it works better in small muscles (like the elbow flexors, hand muscles, leg adductors, etc.) than it does in large muscles like the quadriceps or ham strings.


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    I saw it work well in legs with contractures along with tendon surgery in some Arab younger adults. It stopped reoccurances. I had a few rounds in my right hand and elbow area to loosen a contracture enough to work with and it didn't do much. That was about 4 years post. I think hands can be the hardest because while the tendons are small they are literally the toughest little suckers since we use them so much. With legs there are more balanced muscles as they do more than open and close. Legs extend, flex and abduct and adduct so unless you are a long time, say pro-bicyclist, I think you'd get better results than a hand that basically opens and closes. And my tries with botox was 16 years ago and I've heard much better things more recently. OK, with one exception. Doctors out there? Use some freaking anesthetics before poking needles in that deep or searching around using emg to get the exact place to inject. IT HURTS!
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