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Thread: IMS ramp van conversion - beeping

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    IMS ramp van conversion - beeping

    I have a 2005 Toyota Sienna with an IMS conversion. About 3 weeks ago, the ramp's power module began emitting a lone beep at regular intervals, about 90 seconds apart. My local dealer is zero help, as usual. Has anyone encountered this or something similar?


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    Is there anything currently not working?

    Sorry i don't currently have a 2005 Braun Toyota in stock.

    Too bad you didn't post this 2 weeks ago (We just sold a 2005)

    has anyone tried unplugging all the wires from the module?

    If not unplug everything for a few min, then plug it all back in.

    If it still dose it look to see if there are any led's on the module.

    If there are trouble lights take a pic of the module if you want and either post it here or email it to

    Is it a in floor or folding ramp?
    Jim, MA, MMET
    Bridgewater, MA

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    Thanks Jim, I'll get someone to try.

    It's a folding ramp. Everything is working fine, it just keeps beeping.

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    Seems like my in-floor ramp did that when something wasn't completely closed - either the door (could be a sensor/contact) or the kneel was not all the way up.
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    Thanks, I'll get that checked too.

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