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Thread: Lovenox disposal?

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    Lovenox disposal?

    I still have an unopened box of 10 Lovenox syringes and no idea what to do with them. The pharmacy will not take them back, even though they are completely sealed, both individually as well as the outside box.

    Can I just throw these out in the regular trash or is there some type of procedure I need to follow. I don't want them to get into the wrong hands, and don't want the animals in the landfills to be harmed either. So, aside from storing them indefinitely, what else can I do?

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    Or call your community government. Around here they usually have a "medication" disposal day where you can bring in medications that have not been used. Also, Target, Walmart and other larger pharmacies do the same thing.

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    Thank you both. These are great ideas. Since I don't plan on seeing my doctor in the immediate future, I'll try the other suggestions first. I would never have guessed Walmart might take them. Thanks..

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    Most pharmacies will take them and dispose of them. Also we do so in our ER. Also if you decide to just throw them away--put them in a container and seal it with tape.
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