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Thread: Not Sugar or Spice---> (feedback welcome)

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    Not Sugar or Spice---> (feedback welcome)

    For the girl not filled with sugar & spice

    nor seen by society as beautiful and everything nice.

    She wears her hair natural and bathes in aloe.

    Always trying really hard not to be so shallow.

    Once she asked God to show her the right path,

    for she was tired of reading in the Bible about his wrath.

    Wishing she was a queen with her own King on a throne.

    Coming to his door with open robe, featuring Madonna's bra cones.

    She grew up being shipped from state to state,

    never making friends, she was always too late.

    At last she thought, " I've met the One who is so right. "

    instead an accident happened on that fateful night.

    Cops thought they had been on a bender,

    because all that was left of the car was a smashed fender.

    3 days later she thought life was over.

    No more chances for a house with a dog named Rover.

    Life was now all about living on wheels,

    which really sucked without standing on high heels.

    But then along came her Intelligent Prince.

    And She was Finally happy with herself even without the picket fence.

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    Beautiful! (I don't put my own happiness dependent upon others; especially men) but still very beautiful.

    Hope all is well!
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    That was really good!

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    Quote Originally Posted by lynnifer View Post
    Beautiful! (I don't put my own happiness dependent upon others; especially men) but still very beautiful.

    Hope all is well!
    AND this is the huge lesson I learned thanks lynnifer

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    Quote Originally Posted by momo3 View Post
    That was really good!
    thanks so much for taking the time to read it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jody View Post
    thanks JODY

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