I can't find it!
I hate crazy heart day! Ill just get right to it. and can't someone else have an exploding ass without me getting an exploding ass too?!

I got nothing done today. nothing. I spent all day wrapped in blanket freezing, sweating and trying not to move. If I moved my heart would go nuts.
I had the dread feeling, but only briefly. the foreboding dread is a feeling I always get if Im going to be having postural tachycardia.

I reached out to hit a computer key last night, and my shoulder rolled and locked. really painful. what? is my shoulder stuck? what the hell? so my shoulder is all funked up, cant keep warm, heart thing is sucking, my shit needs to get done, but I guess today won't be the day to get it done.
no, nothings getting done. heart beat wont allow it.
Ya it was one of those wasted days.