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Thread: Prialt successes? current info? Personal update

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    Prialt successes? current info? Personal update

    Hi all,

    Life is better. I have had my IT Pump in for almost 3 weeks now and after years of 24x7 spasms tone and associated pain I am spasm free and the pain from the spasms is gone.

    I still float between 6 for 4-6 hours a day to 8-10 the remainder. However not overlaying the spasms/pain on top of eveything else has made it possible to live.

    I am multimodal pain, CP, Failed Back, Degen Disk DIsease and Stenosis. Multiple fusions and SCI at L3-5.

    Have tried virtually everything orally and now intrathecally. Opiates turn off my bowel and bladder (Morphine, Dialaudid, Fentanyl, Bubricaine) so are off the table.

    Baclofen is the only med in my pump.

    The only option left is Prialt. Ryebread I've read your post and the few successes noted. My doc has (if I recall correctly, yes CP destroys memory, as does too much General Anesthesia which many of our club members have had to deal with as well).

    Anyone care to update, anyone have more current info? My doc has had significant success but recognizes the problems and also finds extremely slow titration is critical to patient safety and maximum efficacy at the most minimal dosage.

    I am in a place good enough that self termination seems foolish, but remain in bad to extreme pain.

    If anyone would like to talk PM me and we can sort contact I'm in CT.

    I see my doc on Wednesday, and not sure it was approved by insurance or if she'll start it this week, had some post op issues she wanted resolved.

    Final note, she felt that as I've taken nothing for pain for the last 3 years I am a better candidate than most and will be able to evaluate the Prialt vs the more typical cocktails most pain patients are using.

    Thank you all and please PM anything good bad indifferent and post any links appropriate.



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    Ket, I don't have any input on the meds but just want to say how glad I am that you are spasm-free, and that life is do-able again! Hope you can get the pain down now, too.

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    It made my day to hear you say "life is better."
    I hope others here are able to answer your questions and that things keep improving.

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    I think of you often, and I am hopeful that you will have more good news for us after you try Prialt. This post made me happy!

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