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Thread: 1/4 of ROHO only pumps up??

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    1/4 of ROHO only pumps up??

    Hello to everyone. I have a Roho Cushion that has 4 chambers in it (thats what I was told) Everything was great with it up until a month ago. It was flat so I pumped it up and only the 1/4th closest to the air stem pumped up. In other words the air only went into that chamber and didnt go anywere ells! That 1/4 stayed pumped so it does not have a leak...I am soooo confused..anyone know what I am doing wrong? Pls help.

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    Perhaps a stupid question - but does your cushion have a sliding valve on the front (a Roho Quattro) with red & green knobs on the ends? If so, push that valve all the way to the other side and the other 3 chambers will be connected to the front corner chamber.
    - Richard

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    I think "rfbdorf" may have identified your problem. In case you have lost your instruction manual, here is a good site for instructions for the Quadtro Select, Coutour Select, or standard Roho Cushion.

    Below is a picture of the valve "rfbdorf" mentioned.

    All the best,

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    I work for ROHO and try to help out CC members when they have an issue with a ROHO product. I think the advice you got from rfbdorf is likely accurate for what you are describing. If so, easy solution! You just need to push in the green knob in the direction indicated by the green arrow. This opens up the channels to allow you to inflate all 4 sections together. You will then want to re-adjust the cushion for your specific fit, then push in the red knob to lock the air in the 4 chambers in order to maximize stability.

    My email address is if you run into a problem and need additional assistance.

    Good luck!

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    Here is a link to a video on ROHO's website that shows the adjustment process and operation of a ROHO QUADTRO SELECT Cushion.

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