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Thread: self employed while receiving ssdi?

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    self employed while receiving ssdi?

    I do some odd jobs, such as online focus groups. i receive ssdi as well. i am not an employee, but i will receive some 1099-Misc at the end of the year for tax purposes. I always make sure that my monthly earnings fall below $1000. This will be my first year reporting this income to Social Security. I was told before that I will report this at year's end and it would be averaged across the year to find the monthly income. Has anyone been through this process? Is it stressful or easy? If I know that I haven't made more than $1000 in any month during the year, do I even need to report my income to Social Security?

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    You must report every dime to them or risk losing your benefits. You should also report it to them the month that you make it rather than waiting until the end of the year.

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    I just had a good benefits advisement from a local independent living center. I have to change a lot b/c living at home (w/ my mother and her long-time fiance/partner) is leaving me they're getting older.

    If you're disabled and receive Medicare and Social Security (as I do) there is no asset or wealth test but you can't make much money at all...maybe up to several thousand. The problem is if you have a disability and need personal care assistance Social Security won't contribute. Your left paying out of pocket or relying on family.

    For Medicaid...though each state's rules vary, in New York if you're disabled and qualify you can have up to $20,000 in assets (money, stocks, etc.) while receiving benefits. The biggest benefit if you're a 'dual eligible' meaning you get both Medicare & Medicaid is your assistance needs like getting dressed and out of bed will be met. There's also a good Medicaid buy-in program where qualifying people with disabilities who work can make up to about $40,000 a year while getting benefits.

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