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    I don't have all the experience with this as most of the others that have already posted in this thread, however one thing that I have learned over the years is that you can never trust anyone that works for the government be it DMV, the IRS, Social Security, law enforcement, court system, post office, or any other government entity.

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    Quote Originally Posted by addiesue View Post
    Oh yea. i have names and papers for the last 5 years. What os really stupid is they cut me off March 2010, realized a mistake when I brought it to their attention and started sending checks again in June 2010, witha letter stating all of 2010 was in order. Now 2 years later they think they can change their mind. The local office says the review of the 36 months was started by the Baltimore office and they are the ones who messed up.
    What is really annoying is they asked for papers in March and I sent it all in certified. They said they did not receive it. Sent again in May and here is September they send this.
    The first mistake was sending it to Baltimore. You have to hand deliver everything to your local office and have it stamped by someone there. I know registered mail should stand as proof but with SS, it will not. The local office scans everything into the system and it can be viewed by all. Granted they are months behind at getting stuff into the system...that is why you are just now hearing about it in September. Baltimore often does things without the local office knowing it. You can receive duplicate letters from both saying opposite things at the same time. I have. Like you I have 23 years of letters. Just because one sends you a letter, it doesn't mean that it is the truth. It took a congressman to get my things straightened out in 2002 but no luck this time.
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