Stupid social security f*&***s.
I work and I draw a check, so do my kids. I work part time. I have a few medical expenses to get me under the blasted $1000 a month I am allowed to earn.

Guess what on the months when I happen to get 3 checks in a month (say payday falls on the 1st 15 th and 29th) they are claiming I am over and taking back my checks for these months even though it is obvious the work was done the month before. It seems to me there should be some kind of formula for this.
For some reason they decided to go back all 5 years doing this even though every year I submit my little 30 cent raise which triggers a review.

So now they they say I owe and I won't be getting any checks for many months. I thought they could only take a percentage of your check, but when I call in they have never heard of such.

Working, I can't decide sometimes if its worth it. Then again, I will be glad when I can get a full time job and not have to stay under their thumbs.