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    cushion covers

    Looking for a black and red cushion cover for a Roho anyone know where I can get one?

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    This is an old thread. Try to find Cacille on ebay or check her profile contact information.

    Quote Originally Posted by Cacille View Post
    Hi everyone! I decided to put this up anywhere I can, because I realized I could do something very useful for you all! I started selling this on Ebay, I have it listed for $20.

    Roho cushion covers, made directly for your cushion! I can make other cushion covers besides Rohos too, just ask!
    -Low Profile
    -High Profile
    -Quadtro Select
    -Any Size doesn't matter!
    -See Picture below for style.

    I currently make cushion covers for a large reseller of Rohos. I make ALL of their cushion covers for Rohos that need it. The covers are made with black, somewhat stretchy fabric and velcro.
    Is your cover wearing out, has holes, or just plain is falling apart? Would you like a red cover to match your chair? Would you like a fun fabric that fits your personality? Would you like a zippered closure instead of velcro? I can make them to your exact cushion size (Without even having your exact cushion most of the time!) and make it with the personality you desire. All for a very affordable, CONSIDERABLY LOWER price than buying a Roho cover straight from the manufacturer!

    Upon purchase of this item for $20, please email me with this information:
    1. Your exact cushion type and size, (Example: Roho Quadtro Select, 18x16, Stimulite/Supracore 17x17).
    2. Examine where your cushion is on your chair (if any, ignore steps 2 and 3 if not a Roho cushion). Look for the main valve, the one with the yellow string attached. This valve and string SHOULD be in the very front, and I make my cushions to assume it will be (Please let me know if you need this backwards, I can accomodate requests). I need to know which side the Main Valve is on, assuming the valve is in the front of your chair, is it on the left side or right? Or for Quadtro Selects, is it all on the front?
    3. I need to know where the other valves are, if any. Do not include "nipple tips" where a valve could go, but didn't. Is there a second one on the right side? On the back left corner? Etc.
    4. If you would like a standard replacement style black cushion cover, or a different fabric entirely. If you have the fabric already that you wish to use, you must send me the fabric. I need a minimum of 1 yard, at least 45" wide. If you do not have the fabric you can purchase some online and have it sent to me, or you can tell me what main color you would like to have (Purple, red, etc). Extra colors, if the fabric is not sent to me by you, will raise your cost (prices below).
    5. If you would like a standard closure, Velcro, but zipper and snap closures are also an available option.

    WHAT YOU WILL GET by purchasing:
    ONE (1) Standard Black Velcro Replacement Cushion Cover. You must let me know your size, if no size is stated, you will recieve a Standard 18x16 size.

    Extra Options:
    -Zipper closure $3 extra
    -Snap Closure $5 extra Snap closure take longer to sew as they are by-hand.
    -Nonstandard Material "Cost of 1 Yard" + $3 Handling (Most materials bought at Walmart or Local Fabric Stores, handling is for my time and gas to get special material)
    -Nonstandard Material that You ship to me: No Extra Charge!
    -Thick Velcro Strips on bottom of cushion to stick to your wheelchair $5 for 2 strips You MUST let me know if you need Soft side or Hard side of velcro (or both) sewn onto the cover, also a small drawing (jpg) and measurements of the velcro layout on the bottom of your chair so I know where to place it.

    Manufacture and Shipping

    Please allow 3 days time to make your cushion, 5 days if you want a nonstandard material/nonstandard closure, and up to 2 weeks for nonstandard material that you ship to me. Please then allow for adequate (1 1/2 weeks) shipping time through USPS.
    I found this on the Roho website under accessories. Nothing there in black and red, but maybe they will do custom work.

    You may also want to review this thread ( Tom Borcherding, The ROHO Group,, 618.222.3505, posted this in 2011 about the new cushion covers Roho was about to introduce.

    All the best,
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    I vaguely remember reading that the person GJNL posted stopped making covers? Not sure, tho.

    One think I have read, is if you have one made, is be sure that the top is stretchy, like the original one, or you lose some/most of the benefits of the air cushion.
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