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    Smile Looking for Caregiver

    I am a C5-C6 quadriplegic, 58 yrs. old and live in Vista, Ca. I am looking for caregiver help in the mornings to help my wife with bathing and dressing me. If you live in the area and are interested or know someone who might be please let me know.

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    Nearly all the members of this forum are family caregivers. I would suggest doing a search on here about how people with SCI here recruit and hire PCAs. I assume you are not eligible for IHSS??

    In your area, I would concentrate on posting ads at local colleges with nursing programs (Palomar College and Cal State San Marcos), and also posting ads in Craig's List. Nursing students are most likely to be available for weekends and evenings, not mornings, so Craig's List may be your best bet. Of course make first contact/interview AWAY from your home, and always do a background check before hiring.


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    Here in Iowa, there is a company called "Home Heath Care" that works with all the small town hospitals. While their main business is providing home visits from nurses, Pts, Ots and the like thru the hospital and under insurance, they also maintain a list of independent caregivers who work on their own.

    while the hospital doesn't guarantee anything, the fact that they're on the hospitals list makes me more comfortable than looking on Craig's list.

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