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Thread: I am in the market for power assist- emotion vs. Xtender thoughts?

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    I am in the market for power assist- emotion vs. Xtender thoughts?

    I have no idea
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    Josh, Depending on when it comes out, the ZX-1 would be ideal. I own one that Pat T. built and it's incredible. I use mainly between my house and workshop. I have the best of both worlds, power wehen I need it and at the flick of a switch, I'm using my lightweight chair without the bother of having 50lbs of wheels and batteries.
    THe ZX should be around the same price as the assist wheels yet be much more versatile.

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    I've been told by a fairly reliable source (the owner of my DMEs) that Quickie Xtenders are more for the nursing-home market, and eMotions are more for the active user. I've used neither. Who knows how accurate his opinion is.
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    I demoed bothi

    I demoed both in rehab cause they were hoping one would be compatible with the chair I had at the time.

    The thing I didn't like about the Quickie xtenders was the battery thing that has to be attached to the rear(ish) part of the chair. It looks like a small box or a iPad kinda and had to stick out off the back. To me that made my manual chair take up too much space and I was afraid of backing up into it full speed. I don't know if it was because it was a demo chair, but the rep did say there was a battery pack thing that got mounted on the chair.

    Other than that I got to try each out for about 15-20 minutes and both felt similar. The emotions have a cool remote for programming but I was told almost no insurance pays for the remote can use them without it, just less change ability. I went with emotions and am still waiting for my new chair to use them

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    I have the Xtender..........and I wont be getting another one. The chair that uses the Xtender is the Quickie 2, and Sunrise has really f***ked it up even worse! The weight of the wheels are heavy, and the quality of the chair and wheels has gone down hill.

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    I've had no problems with my XTender wheels. Couple of years of everyday use including 3-5 mile push over pretty steep hills 3-4 times a week. I have them on a GPV. No experience with emotions, but, from what I've read here they seem to need more adjusting. The Xtenders are very simple. Harder you push the faster you go, and I really like the braking you get with very little pressure on the rims. I too don't like the battery. It's too big, poorly placed, hard for a quad to remove and very expensive.

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    I'm thinking of selling my zra w power assist emotions . Message me if interested
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    what about some power assistence like this? The ZX1 is great but too expensive for much people.

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