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Thread: What to do with butt pain.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim View Post
    silversol, soon after my injury in '95 I began experiencing what they at Shepherd called "burning butt". When the pain gets bad it feels like I'm sitting on a grill. They put me on Elavil/Amitriptyline and it has worked for me all these years. The pain is always there but to different 'degrees', it actually feels like fire.

    I am assuming you went to Shepherd, m surgeon was Herndon Murray, how about you?

    I went thru Shepherd in the spring of 93. I have some feeling in my butt and also get the "burning butt" from time to time. It seems to bother me more in the warmer months and also if I wear pants thinner than say Levi's or carhart's. Also I use a foam cushion whereas in the begining I was on a Jay and damn that cushion was so uncomfortable. The ppl at Shepherd's seating clinic told me that some ppl with feeling can't handle a Jay type cushion, so they got me to try an Uti-mate foam cushion and man did that feel so much better.
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    I am a t8 complete and I have severe butt burn every waking moment of my life. It doesn't matter if I'm in the wheelchair on my butt or in bed on my side. I'f I'm awake, I'm on fire. I had two DREZ surgeries in 2003 to try to rid myself of the devil inside, but neither worked. I use 50mcg/hr fentanyl patches and 150 mg of Lyrica a day to try to knock the edge off. Sometimes I think it helps a little, but most of the time it doesn't do s**t. Best of luck. No one should have to endure this.

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    Im using 50 fentanyl, x48hrs, and 1 oxicodone every other day. Sometimes though your ass is just going to be on fire. luckily it is not a constant thing for me, that ass burn.

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    I married mine.

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    My butt burns like crazy and the fire hurts and feels like hell. It actually feels like the worst diaper rash ever, simmilar to when I had been felling burning trees all day long, sweating like hell and could not wait until I got home and smeared a handfull olf vasiline jelly between my cheeks. AHHHHH!

    I don't know what causes it now but the same thing still helps. The Doc gives me some Calmoseptine and it helps but it is dificult to cover my crack area well. Heating the tube in a microwave helps.

    What I use is Bag Balm and I buy two - 4.5 lb tubs every 6 weeks to 2 months. Properly covered the burning can be stopped but my aids don't always get it right, LIKE NOW and the pain is terrible. If the least little spot is missed, OUCH.

    Butt when its covered well, tranquility. Makes a hell of a mess on your pants, though. To clean we scrape the Bag Balm off with a bondo spreader, soak in degreaser and wash.

    Wish there was a better/ cleaner/ cheaper way.
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    wow, dr. murray did my surgery and care also, in 2001.

    i have the butt burn too. i haven't found any help really except for getting off it for a while. but as soon as i get up it starts back.

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    Botox or Myoblok were no help for me at all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rollin64 View Post
    wow, dr. murray did my surgery and care also, in 2001.

    i have the butt burn too. i haven't found any help really except for getting off it for a while. but as soon as i get up it starts back.
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