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Thread: can anyone recommend a zero turn mower?

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    can anyone recommend a zero turn mower?

    i'm not sure which forum to post this is, but can anyone recommend a zero turn riding mower? most of the models i've seen have the control arms on the side, blocking a nice and easy transfer. i'm t3 complete by the way. is there a model that is easy to transfer on to? Thanks!

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    I have a cub cadet the style you see at home depot but yea it can be a pain to get on off somedays but I bought it pre -accident, they do make one that looks like regular lawn tractor but all 4 wheels turn but for the money I love mine a real time saver, it was actually the first thing I "drove " after my accident cruder the neighborhood.

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    I have a Toro Timecutter Z -- they are all about the same. The control arms swing out on mine; I approach from the front and just slide up onto the seat. They are a good investment.

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    I have a Kubota ZD18, like the previous post i approach from the front, i made a padded board to bridge part of the footwell gap. It's not a bad transfer for me at all...T-9.
    Good luck and have fun!


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    We have a Exmark Laser Z 52" cut and a Bad Boy 72" cut with the 35hp Cat(perkins) diesel..

    The exmark I transfer from the side, up onto the seat, then lift my legs over the control arms.

    The Bad Boy, I transfer from the front, since the deck is 72"... I just transfer onto the floor, pull my legs up onto the front bar, and lift my body up onto the seat. Takes 30-45 seconds max.

    Both mowers do a excellent job cutting. Exmark has a 25hp Kawasaki (I think) with 1100hours, and we've beat the hell out of it. Mowed 3-4 acres a week with it and 3 cemeteries a week for a few years. Nothing besides blades, belts, tires and oil changes. Well, we did have to replace the electric clutch that engages the blades, but thats still a "wear"

    The Bad boy is a beast. But its also a $13k rig, where the Exmark was like $8k back in 01 when we got it
    T8/9 (2-24-06)

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    illinois, and no, chicago is not anywhere near where i live
    I have an Exmark 52" cut that I put a padded seat on the side of the frame and transfer to, then swing my legs up and around, and then short transfer to the seat. Better than dragging myself up the front and taking all the dirt with me on my pants. I added a long handle to the deck lift pedal so I can adjust the deck height with my arms. Like what was mentioned, most zero turns have handles that swing out of the way, which is also a safety feature for starting them. Any mid mount mower zero turn should be do-able, the grass hopper and walker mowers would present some challenges.

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    I have a John Deer 52" cut. I transfer to the floor of it from the front then up onto the seat. It is really easier than getting on the lawn tractor style Cub Cadet I had before. Everything including deck height and parking brake operate by hand. It is a good machine and cuts great.

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    I just bought a brand new Exmark as my other sears zero turn lawn more died or at least had too many little things that needed fixing so i traded it in. Hoping to get it this week. I have a few friends that have them for their acreages and they swear by them so i decided to get one the other reason is because RSieck posted on YouTube how he gets on and off. Thanks very much RSieck it was great to see how easy you can do it, i am T4/T1 it will be a struggle for me and i will probably need my wife or son spotting me so i dont fall for the first while but would be nice to start mowing the lawn again as that was something i use to enjoy doing. This is the Video RSeick posted.

    If anyone else that commented that they have a zero turn lawn mower and have certain ways to do it can you please take a few pictures of it so some of us newbies can learn from you. I don't know about anyone else but i learn better when i can see or visualize something so showing how you transfer and or your transfer board set up on the machine goes a long way to understanding to do it.



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    mooner me and my dad rigged up a board for mine its a toro zero turn

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    Wheelin 48 love how smart you guys were using threaded pipe great idea and easy to put together the sizes and pieces you wanted or needed. Then just recess the screw on a regular sliding board will have to keep that in mind if it doesnt work very well for me as i dont have very good balance unless i am sitting up in bed!


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