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Thread: Cheap tires

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    Cheap tires

    I was wondering where would be the cheapest place online to get some 24" everyday tires? I have a few chairs I wanted to donate, but they both need new tires. Since I would be donating them, I was hoping to not have to spend much.

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    Who are you donating them to? If it's a place with a dedicated equipment dept/staff/budget - like a hospital or rehab center - they can handle the tire procurement themselves.
    If it's to individual users then you can ask them if they have tires they can transfer over. If they don't, maybe you can negotiate the cost.

    It's a great thing you're doing, but you don't HAVE to go out of your way. People will appreciate the gift either way.

    You don't have an extra 14"x14" cushion, do you?

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    Might not be the very cheapest, but you probably won't find much cheaper. Good people and good service. They will price match.

    Thanks for your generosity. I like that you want to give a good-to-go gift.

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