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Thread: Please help ASAP! Blood-pressure unstable and being sent to skilled nursing facility

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    Thumbs up bowel and AD

    My bowel and AD got really bad too. I got a colostomy, and its been a good thing for me. Plus, I take miralax, a probiotic, AND amitiza (to promote peristalsis).


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    My advice- Make a diary of blood pressure before after etc.. and your activity.
    Keep routine program and everything under control - can have some fluctuations but...
    Do bowel program every day until symptoms disappear or you can control them easily and know what to do. I really recommend Enemeez plus( with Benzocaine to numb! and stool softeners- yes Miralax is good if these don't work and keep if issues continues. Or magic bullet with lidocaien or Benzocaine before beginning bowel program.
    Binder and hose when up to keep from dropping! 90/60 or there abouts is common - this is your baseline when up. But main thing is no dizziness, no symptoms of low blood pressure. Midodrine if that doesn't work.
    Get control and be consistent and they will let you go home with caregivers- get your caregivers trained too!!!! Who is your primary????
    You don't have to stay there forever!!! But if they don't think it is "SAFE" they won't let you go home!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SCI-Nurse View Post
    Get your bowels etc..under control. Keep things moving. Max dose of stool softeners plus Enemeez plus (with Benzocaine) for bowel program. Works faster for most! Do it daily to see if that helps.
    When up in chair- compression hose with abdominal binder.Use lidocaine jel with dig stimu.
    Bladder management??
    It can be serious because your high blood pressure can cause you to have a stroke.
    The Enemeezs are brilliant! I've used Magic Bullet for about 20 years. no pain, mucous, bleeding and AD; plus it only took about 15-20 minutes the first time.

    Last night, it took about 30 minutes & dig stim to get the stool moving out. But, I ate 2 Fiber One bars that filled me plump full. I've been suffering from bloating and gas since yesterday that keeps me in a constant state of AD.

    Wearing my compression stockings and corset/binder. Bladder good.

    Feeling better to be able to manage the swings in blood pressure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by skippy13 View Post
    Industrial machines can be found at upholstery shops. Call around and find a sympathetic woman who might give your adjustments a try. Sewing is sewing.
    Good idea.

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    Broken Doll, contact these folks about your corset needs: They do beautiful work, their corsets are high quality, and they're very nice people who are fabulous to work with.
    It is easier to find men who will volunteer to die, than to find those who are willing to endure pain with patience.

    ~Julius Caesar

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